Riverside Wood Carving

*One-of-a-Kind Wood Sculptures*

Onsite Stumps

*At this time, we are not accepting new onsite work. If you would still like a carving, we recommend removing the stump from the ground and providing it to us. We can then carve it at our location and return it when finished. Thank you!

Have an old tree trunk in your yard? 

We can turn it into a work of art!

Here are some of our previous projects...

Gram's Scenery Bench - This beautiful bench sits in Sabattus, Maine at Greg's grandparents' house. One side is fitted with a two seater bench that faces Sabattus Lake while the opposite side is relief carved and painted. This giant red oak tree had been around for generations and all it took was one stormy day in Maine to bring it down. Luckily, we had enough tree left over to give this stump a whole new life.
Route Nine Skulls - Located in Lisbon Falls, Maine, this stack of skulls was challenged by our very own mechanic! And to that, Greg said "challenge accepted!" Chainsaw carved skulls are becoming increasingly popular at Riverside Wood Carving. Bears and eagles are some of our staple items, but Greg also enjoys carving more darker, taboo items. There's something for everyone!
Summer Street Birdbath - This beautiful stump sits just down the road from our own house! Our customer loves flowers and birds so we carved out the tops of each stump; the tallest is a low-profile birdbath and the remaining tops are plant pots. We decorated the sides with flowers, leaves, and vines to accent her blooming flowers in the spring time!
A Tribute to the Eagles - On the corner of Frost Hill Ave and Sunset Ave in Lisbon Falls, Maine, this carving can be viewed by anyone driving by. It has become a town favorite! Our happy customers love music and eagles...and The Eagles! This carving is a tribute to what inspires them the most.
Cottage #8 Bear - This big ol' bear is the landmark for the Coos Canyon Cottage #8. The cottage is a vacation rental in Byron, Maine where you can spend your days hiking Tumbledown Mountain, gold panning & swimming in the Swift River, riding your atv/snowmobile on the trails, and so much more. We have been vacationing in the area for years; it is one of our favorite places to be. We are proud to share our art with the local community and all the visitors that stay there!
Fairy Village - This beautiful Mugo Pine in Sabattus needed some new life. So we created a fairy house village complete with houses, staircases, and a mystery door! Each limb is topped with a house that has doors & windows and a staircase connecting it to the center house. A bigger staircase continues down to the base of the tree where we installed a functional door. Inside the door remains a mystery unless you know our very happy customer!
Baseball Bear - In Auburn, Maine, this 8 foot bear sits in our customers' backyard. Her son played baseball when he was younger so her backyard was always a playground for sports. This big bear is tribute to their fun times growing up!