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Info, Tips, and Tricks!

Want to know how to preserve your carving in order to get the most enjoyment out of it? 

Here we will provide a few tips on just that!

The Wooden Medium

Wood is a porous and fibrous material found in the stems and roots of trees. It conveys water and nutrients throughout the leaves, roots, and other growing tissues whether it be softwood or hardwood, sapwood or heartwood. When a tree is cut down, the moisture begins to deplete and the fibrous material increases in strength. This is why it's no wonder wood has been used for thousands of years for construction material, tools, art, and more!

The Crackle Effect

Cracking and splitting is a natural effect of wood. It is the result of the fibrous material losing moisture. We work with both dry and fresh logs for our carvings, but no matter how seasoned a log is, it can still hold a bit of moisture. Our goal is to provide you with a carving with the least amount of cracks. If your carving has a large amount of cracks or a decent size one, we will be happy to touch it up for you!

The Pine Boar Beetle

The longer wood sits after being cut, the more likely it will become home to bugs like beetles or ants. They boar holes in the wood to lay their young and essentially eat their way out! The best way to evict these guys is with any household insect killer. We also use WD-40 and spray right in the holes. 


The best way to ensure a carving lasts as long as possible, is to apply a preservative. Here at Riverside Wood Carving, we recommend spar urethane. It comes in a spray or brush on version. The urethane soaks into the pores of the wood, keeps them bound together for longer, and provides protection from natural elements. Over time, the urethane does weather or dry and a new coat needs to be applied. 

If you have any questions regarding the brands we use or if you would like us to touch up your carving, please contact anytime!

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