Riverside Wood Carving

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Everyone loves the sound of chainsaws! And we love creating art with them. Put the two together and you've got a show! We come with chainsaws, sanding tools, and plenty of finished carvings available for sale. Our demonstrations require set up and clean up times as well as a lunch break. If you're interested in hiring us for a demonstration or have any more questions, please contact us anytime!


Standard Demo


Max of 3 hours carving time
Space needed ~ 12x24
Casual Carve

Full Demo


Max of 5 hours carving time
Space needed ~ 12x24
Casual Carve or Set Times
Want to purchase a custom order to be carved during the demo?

Receive a discount off the original price! The carving will be completed during the selected demo. Keep in mind the larger the carving, the more time is needed to complete it. During inclement weather, if paint and urethane are needed, carving will be finished at our shop and returned when complete. All details will be discussed during consultation.