Riverside Wood Carving

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Everyone loves the sound of chainsaws! And we love creating art with them. Put the two together and you've got a show! We come with chainsaws, sanding tools, and plenty of finished carvings available for sale. Our demonstrations require set up and clean up times as well as a lunch break. If you're interested in hiring us for a demonstration or have any more questions, please contact us anytime!

Standard Demo


Max of 3 hours carving time
Space needed ~ 12x24
Casual Carve

Full Demo


Max of 5 hours carving time
Space needed ~ 12x24
Casual Carve or Set Times
+ Want to purchase a custom order to be carved during the demo?
Receive 20% off the original price of the carving! The order will be completed during the selected demo*. If you have a stump you want carved during the demo or if you can provide the log, receive an additional 20% off the original price.

* Keep in mind the larger the carving, the more time is needed to complete it. All details will be discussed during consultation.