Riverside Wood Carving

*One-of-a-Kind Wood Sculptures*


We are a carving company 

located in Lisbon Falls, ME. 

We transform logs into one-of-a-kind works of art! 

Our Team

Masters of converting any indoor or outdoor environment.


The Popular One
We live in the beautiful state of Maine and it's no wonder why everyone loves a good black bear!


They Believe They Can Fly
Eagles are courageous, owls are mysterious, and chickens are just silly. Everyone has a favorite bird!

Benches & Chairs

Functional Art
Beautiful art plus functionality? Yes please! These make great additions to lobbies, patios, gardens, etc.
All sculptures are created with chainsaws
as well as a few sanding tools. 

Signs are made with a router for a more

 clean look. 



Dogs & Cats

Cute and Fluffy (Minus the Fluffy)
Our beloved pets are family. A sculpture in their likeness makes a fond memory last forever. 


Router vs Relief

Your choice of font, image, overall shape, etc. Say what you want!

People & Characters

The Challenger
One of the most challenging sculptures is of the human body. 

Custom Designs

Our Absolute Favorite

Have an idea in mind? We can help with that! We specialize in unique designs so that your vision becomes reality.

Each piece can be painted with your choice of 

colors and coated with spar urethane for 

weather protection.

Specialty Services

Living life outside the box.


Live Chainsaw Carving
People love watching the transformation from log to sculpture. Hire us for your next event!


Onsite Work
Have an old tree stump in your yard? Turn that eye sore into an art piece!


Our Second Favorite
With proper care over the years, any carving can last a lifetime. 

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to get something started. 

Feel free to send us photos or ideas.

It will help us understand your vision!


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